The Right Tool for the Job

Lets face it if you own or have a kitchen the range of how good or bad your experience can be can vary more drastically than any other aspect of your home. considering how essential your kitchen is to your day to day life and kkkkkkbniohjthe quality of it, it is essentially that you have all the right tools to make sure this space is not only optimal in any case but most importantly that it is optimal for and your needs. By doing so and making a kitchen you are proud to call home you will be able to save a lot of money with the initial kitchen upgrade investment by eating in and having quality meals. You can always go very extravagant with your kitchen and there really is no end, but here is a list of several must have appliances and products for any kitchen no matter how big or small.

Fire Extinguisher:

A wise man once said,”safety first, then team work.” They were right. This is probably the least cool appliance you will have in your kitchen but it is the most important thing you will keep in there to ensure the preservation of your kitchen and your personal safety. What I’m referring to is obviously the fire extinguisher. Its the type of thing you will you’ll never need, but when you do you’ll be glad you do. They’re cheap and last a while, so buy one and stick it under your sink and at the very least you can be happy that you made an investment into your peace of mind.

Measuring Spoons and Cups:

This is such a small and inexpensive one but all too often gets over looked and forgotten. Many times when we do decide to make the transition to eating in and making a good portion of our food at home we try to do recipients without the guidance of measuring, get frustrated then quickly give up. What I propose is that you make measuring apsdgfsdf large part of your life, not only will it help you with budgeting and making better more diverse meals, but it will also allow you the opportunity to know how much you are eating and get a better grasp on your diet.


This is one of the most diverse tools you will have that can do a lot of different tasks better and faster than anything you are likely to already have in your kitchen. From Pizza to pastries you can do so much in terms of proportioning the size your your meals and maintaining their shape there is really no end to what you can do with your scissors.

Wood Cutting Board:
If you are going to cook everyday you need to have a station where you feel comfortable to make meals with a large
work surface. A large wooden cutting board is inexpensive and will allow you the range to prep your meals in a way that is impossible with just plates and dishes.

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