How To Get the Most Out of Your Bonus Room

When it comes to your home everyone has the dream of being the proud owner of a bonus room, or man cave. Moreover, when it comes to your bonus room there is a lot of things you can do to seriously increase the property value of your home by putting a little pep in your bonus room. You can start by modernizing the bathroom to your kitchen. We all know that the bathroom, or any room with utilities, is a great place to do some upgrades when you want to add value. If you have an old outdated tub/shower combo, squash that and you should shot for the stars. You can also get a shower stall or jetted tub. For an average sized bathroom renovations regularly recouping 80% to 90% of their cost in home value, this is simple update that easily add an extra $4,000 to the price of your home. Other ideas for the bathroom, include new flooring, update sink and lighting fixtures. This simple step alone can make your home go up $5,000 just for the home’s total price. There are a lot of new and exciting techniques. 

Next up get a new kitchen remodel for the bonus room. The kitchen is very much like your bathroom in that it is teeming with fixtures that can make your hour look like a million dollars, but choose wisely or it’ll look like 20 bucks and that will depreciate the value of your home even though you put the big bucks into fixing it up and renovating. If this isn’t in the budget or if you’re already upgraded there but still want to do something to spice it up consider getting some stone counter tops which would run somewhere from $4,500 for an average sized kitchen. If you want to go super saver mode people are doing some pretty interesting things with concrete in home applications. If you find a high scale person to do this for you, they will likely charge as much as if you go the good counter tops to begin with, but if you find the right person they could bust it out for a few hundred bucks and make a pretty awesome counter top that is resistant to heat, and is durable as hell. That said we all know that natural materials are often a key selling point of a home, especially when it comes to the kitchen, and you can get a return of investment up to 85% return on investment. Not to mention you’ll get to enjoy them in the mean time.

Up next you should consider replacing the door and entry way to the room. The door is like shaking hands with the space you are about to enter and sets the mood for what to expect when inside. A custom hand carved door will run you around $3,000 and can get you a 100% return of investment, so its really win win if you are considering going this route. Not to mention because the door does stand out so much, you can get a lot more out of it dollars wise then if you if you put an investment into other areas of the home.

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