Do You Need a New or Remodeled Kitchen?

Everyone appreciates a new kitchen, but sometimes it can be unclear whether you need to rip everything up from the seams and start again or just a few tasteful adjustments will provide you with everything you need. This article will help you to understand better the many categories of kitchen remodel and hopefully make it clearer which one is right for you.

ground upThe first category in our list is “New Construction.” New construction entails any work done on a house that is being built from scratch, or from the ground up. The decision to build an entirely new home generally involves wanting more than a new kitchen, but if you’re already building from scratch for a variety of reasons you might as well make sure that your house will be equipped with the kind of kitchen you actually want. If you’ve always loved formal dining rooms, for example, and separated kitchen/breakfast rooms and family rooms that maybe flow into one another with the kitchen as the central hub- now’s your chance. All you have to do is put pen to paper and make it so. If you want to have your washer dryer right next to the kitchen, that also becomes an option. You can even have a mudroom if you so please!

New construction is one of the most flexible categories and enables kitchen planners to not only plan the inside of the kitchen itself but how the kitchen interacts with the rest of the rooms. Most of we kitchen revampers don’t have this much freedom in our decisions, so let’s move on to the next categories to see what changes can be made.

Remodeling is the next most involved category of kitchen revamping and implies that you are willing to take your kitchen in an entirely new direction, if not your whole house. If you want to change the overall “footprint” of your house to add space, windows, or reshape the room, you may want to look into remodeling. Your home’s foundations and overall size will limit how much physical change can occur, but that doesn’t mean that complete makeovers are impossible. People have pulled off some surprising remodeling feats that not only change the vibes of their kitchen, but manage to revamp their entire house. So yes, what you can do is limited somewhat, but paradoxically, when it comes to a remodel, anything is possible.

kitchen revampingThe third category is renovation, which is less invasive than remodeling but still involves implementing some major changes to your kitchen. A renovation generally doesn’t involve any major structural changes or changes to the spirit and overall look of your house, but implies that you will be upgrading materials.

Finally, there’s the final and least invasive (and expensive, generally) category of kitchen revamping: decorative changes. Also known as a “kitchen face-lift,” decorative changes involve sprucing up without tearing down. That means replacing some appliances, countertops, and perhaps flooring with more stylish upgrades that will keep you in the loop with kitchen trends.


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