Crucial Kitchen Appliances

There are many kitchen appliance products out there, and they’re all likely to have marketing campaigns that try to convince you that you need a potato peeler, wifi connected espresso maker, dog blanket warmer, etc. For first-time home owners buckling under the pressure of making tough financial decisions that will shape their domicile, here’s an article that sorts the necessary from the unnecessary, and highlights which unnecessary appliances are the most fun.
stove topUnfortunately, what amounts to perhaps the most important appliance is also generally the most expensive: everyone needs a refrigerator, though the size and complexity of the appliance can vary quite a bit. Depending on your eating habits and the amount of people who will need to store food in your home, you may be able to get away with a smaller fridge or purchase a fridge with a built-in freezer as opposed to purchasing a free-standing freezer to sap power next to your normal-sized fridge. Families of 5 may benefit from that set-up, but a couple that eats out often might be happier squeezing in a smaller-sized fridge into their likely smaller-sized kitchen.
Another common and fairly crucial appliance is the stove. Stoves with ovens beneath them are especially common double-whammies of appliances that most people find helpful with daily food prep. Even campers and people who live in their cars tend to have stoves, so you may want to consider investing in one. That said, it doesn’t have to be some kind of state-of-the-art flame-throwing contraption for you to get a lot of what you need out of it; a hot plate is enough for many people on a budget, and a stove top without an oven is also often quite enough for those who would rather fry than bake.
kitchen stuffAppliances that are pleasant luxuries but not totally necessary include microwaves, toasters, and dishwashers. You can get away with going without all of them, but you’d likely appreciate having them around, too. A microwave is a great way to reheat food, get popcorn going, and cook a lot of things with 360-heat that your stove top simply cannot supply. It can also replace an expensive oven for many uses, potentially saving you money if you think you’re going to want to skip the huge expenditure of an oven.
Toasters aren’t necessary for people who aren’t big on bread, bagels, pop tarts and the like, but for lazy cookers on the go they can be total life-savers. They’re great for easy breakfasts and they tend to be extremely inexpensive; you can likely get one for $40 or less. Most households see them as worth the small investment.
Dishwashers are perhaps the least necessary appliance, though many people swear by theirs. It’s not the most horrible situation to have to wash each of your dirty dishes by hand, and everyone can go without one. That said, dishwashers use less water and are more environmentally- and utility bill-friendly. If it’s worth the initial cost to save yourself some cleaning time, maybe consider purchasing one.

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