A Back Yard with a Little Style this Summer

With summer upon us we want to make sure we are getting the most out of our yard and taking advantage of the primo weather while it lasts. The problem is that we often do not want to justify spend the big money most websites or experts think it costs to make your yard look fabulous so we are left looking out our some crappy spaces and a generally uninspired space. Well all that is about to change with some quick renovations and upgrades that will make you the talk of the town. There are a couple projects that will actually add to your home value quite significantly for almost no investment so bear that in mind when going through.

One project that is going and getting a lot of buzz this year is the DIY back yard adobe oven. I love it, you love it, everyone seems to love it and we can see why. It makes for a very warm and inviting space for your back yard and breaks down a barrier or mental block we have in seeing our yards as living spaces in stead of unwelcoming nature. The adobe oven is great for hosting or just as an accessory just for you on a regular use basis. its easier to maintain than a BBQ and can be put in for a fraction of the price. Not to mention the pizzas you have pumping out of that thing will more than justify your purchase and make you glad you decided to make the leap to the adobe back yard oven life style. Going off of this same theme of the back yard adobe oven is that you can turn it into a literal farm to table meal with only taking a few steps. This can be done simply by doing a few hanging herb plants on your wall or fence, up to more large items in the raised bed gardens such as your carrots and onions. And if you are really trying to get fancy and want to crack an egg on that pizza you can do so with a few chicken coops that are becoming pretty wide spread so its less scary to made that leap and if you live in some hipster hippy town there is probably a support group for people to give you pointers and get you started in the right direction. Another item that is coming back in a big way in 2016 is the hot┬átub. These things are usually pretty popular but what I am basing this on is the retention on value in the resale of your homes and although they were seen as an alright upgrade a few years ago the verdict is in and people want to get their soak on once again. But if you can’t afford a whole upgrade you can easily get an above ground hot tub and surround it with some stylish wood or perhaps patina metal to give it that glam sheikh look everyone is going for in our modern era.

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